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Construction sets suitable for clubs and schools

You decide yourself how quickly your model is ready. Aero-naut has very simple ​​or slightly more advanced models. But they all follow roughly the same principle:

Kit parts
drawings and instructions sheet
building airplanes is fun

All models must be built from prefabricated wooden parts. For this, the individual punch or laser cutter parts are carefully removed.

Colorful and youth-friendly building instructions guide you easily through building the model. Sometimes more, sometimes less construction stages. But always well explained and clearly presented.

Building with two people is even more fun. And the third hand sometimes helps a lot in gluing the individual parts together.

At the field with Lilienthal 40

The finished model is then taken to a large field to be flown. The construction instructions will help you here as well. There are helpful tips on how to fly a model airplane correctly. Definitely take them out!


Have fun with your model airplane.

How do I choose a suitable construction kit?

Each Aero-naut kit is designed so that you can achieve your goals without much building experience. So don't be afraid to try a bigger model. Our great building instructions will help you in all your building steps. Here you can find an overview of the different sizes:

QUAX balsa flying wing glider
for 5-8 year olds

Simple for a quick start. Have you never made anything out of wood and would like to give it a try? Mini throw gliders are perfect for the first steps

Quicker balsa glider
For 8-10 year olds

Easy-to-build models with slightly more parts than in the previous series.

Balsa boat
For 5-14 year olds

Boat sets are fun for all ages. With a little help from father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt... also suitable for little craft heroes. And the waterproof painted one is also suitable for the bathtub.

Boogie balsa rubber band plane
For 10-14 year olds

Large wingspan and lots of parts - these are MAXI models. But don't worry, the beautifully designed building plan will guide you step by step to achieve your goal.

Ponal express wood glue
Adhesives and accessories

Suitable adhesives and building materials for school and club activities

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