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My son at the flying field at the sunset

Sky Dream Hobby

Sky Dream Hobby  purpose is to offer airplane enthusiasts high-quality hobby accessories. The quality of the construction kits is high. The fit of the CNC / Laser cut parts is good. As manufacturers, e.g. Aero-Naut, ArtHobby, Badan, Fokkerc, Fun-Modellbau, MBS, RBC-kits, SIG and TONY CLARK Practical Scale.

The servo selection consists of Hitec, KST, Savöx and Futaba servos.

For radio equipment, we have chosen Futaba, Multiplex, PowerBox-Systems and Spektrum transmitters and receivers.

F3K gliders are top machines manufactured by LDmodels.

If you need something that cannot be found in the online store, you can ask via email.

We offer construction service and flying lessons.

You can order products from the online store, by email, WhatsApp or by phone.

Warehouse store open:

On Wednesday 5.7 at 18-19:30

You can also book a personal visit by phone

from the number 045-3212375

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