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Customers' personal data is collected in the customer register in connection with various services. From this, the Register Description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99) explains what information is collected and what it is used for.


Name: Sky Dream Hobby

Business ID: 1772904-1

Contact information: New Porvoontie 1434, 01190 Box


Person responsible for the register:

Ville Nikkanen

Phone: 045-3212375



Registry handler:


Purpose of processing personal data:

People who register as Sky Dream Hobby customers will be asked for their personal information. Data is collected, processed and used for the following purposes:

  • maintaining a customer register

  • customer relationship management and development

  • customer contacts

  • supply of goods and services

  • statistical purposes and service development purposes

  • direct marketing, unless specifically prohibited by the customer

Information content of the register:

The register contains information about the customer according to the following grouping:

  • Contact information includes first and last name, street address, postal code and location, telephone number and e-mail address for delivery and possible contact.

  • the credentials are the e-commerce username and password

  • the name of the company or entity

  • customer relationship start and end information

  • corporate customers business ID

Regular data sources:

The contact and customer information of the register is obtained from the notifications made by the customer to the registrar during and during the customer relationship. A customer relationship is created when a customer registers for an online store or orders products. The customer's name and address information may be updated from the population register. Information on creditworthiness according to the customer's time of order is obtained from the Asiakastieto system.

Deletion of data

Data may be deleted at the request of the customer or at the end of the customer relationship. In addition, data may need to be deleted as a result of possible customer misconduct.

Registry security principles:

Personal information will be kept confidential. The customer register and the information system hardware handling it are located in enclosed spaces. Customer data is processed only by the company's staff and they only have access to data that meets the requirements of their duties. In the event of a fault, the data is regularly backed up. The system is protected by a firewall against external communications.

Right of prohibition:

The customer has the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of his data for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing.

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