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Sky Dream Hobby year 2022

The year has changed and it's time to see what all has fit into the year.

The year 2022 held many successes, but also disappointments and sleepless nights.

January and the beginning of February looked really good. Orders came in nicely and exports to the United States and Europe had grown nicely, until order intake dropped by more than 70% due to the war started by Russia in Ukraine.

Fortunately, order intake started to return to normal at the end of the year.

Delivery times for some individual products have been surprisingly long.

For the school's spring semester, there was an opportunity to start running an airplane club in local schools in the afternoons. More on this in another blog post.

During the winter and spring we made a lot of improvements to the website, the work is still ongoing and new features and improvements are coming.

New representations:

At the beginning of the year, we got Robbe Modellsport representation. Robbe's selection includes a wide selection of high-quality electric gliders in both ARF and PNP versions. Through Robbe, the selection also included ISDT chargers and a wide selection of high-quality accessories.

In July, we received the first ATOM transmitters, and deliveries to customers began. At the moment, Atomie's delivery time is about 3 weeks from the order.

In October we placed our first order for Tony Ray AeroModel. Currently selecting small radio-controlled electric motor airplanes. Suitable for both park flying and indoor flying in the hall.

In autumn 2023, the range will also be expanded with 2-3m gliders.


Due to increased costs (fuel), we did not tour as many events as in previous years. The purpose is that we will circulate in several events this year.

If you are organizing an aviation event open to the public where you would like Sky Dream Hobby to be present, please get in touch.

We have added an "events" section to the website, where you can see which event we are coming to.

On May 25, we were at the Söderkulla market.

Loopi and MiniSolius were the most popular products ;o)

On August 13, we participated in Mäntsälä's "EFMN renovated club premises opening".

Oskar 4y worked here as a demonstration pilot flying Loopi and MiniSolius.

On December 10, we visited the inSkaala event in Pietarsaari. It was also nice to meet old and new acquaintances. inSkaala had a rubber engine airplane workshop, which was surprisingly popular. I think a few of the new juniors got bitten by an airplane fly:o)

You should already mark 18.11 2023 inSkaala in Pietarsaari on your calendars at this stage.

The year 2023

The year 2023 has started nicely. The sales of airplane kits have been a positive surprise.

The selection is constantly developing, and more quality products are coming.

Good flights.

Best Regards.


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