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Gluing fiber hinges

Many ARF (Almost ready to Fly) aircraft come pre-hinged at the factory.

In most cases, fiber hinges are used in aircraft less than 20cc.

Fiber hinges are largely used in SIG kits. I myself have never had a problem with these hinges.

For larger planes, I recommend Robart pin hinges.

Fiber-Hinges can be installed in many different ways, I myself am the most successful in the following manner.

Remove the pre-assembled hinges from the guide surface.

Place the fiber edge on the wing, for example. Make sure the hinges are in the middle of the incision, check that the hinges are at a 90 ° angle to the edge.

Check that the hinges fit into the incisions in the wing.

Once you have confirmed this, you can glue a drop of thin instant glue to the hinge.

DO NOT USE the accelerator. The accelerator "boils" a thin instant glue and a white hard foam is generated in the fiber hinge which prevents a wide path of movement of the guide surface.

Accurate dosing of the adhesive is facilitated by the use of ZAP Flexi Tips.

Wait a few seconds, connect the wing to the wing and check that the guide surface moves freely without "hanging" from the edges.

When you are satisfied, bend the guide surface to the extreme position and add a few drops of thin instant glue per hinge. Do not use the accelerator. The Kapilar phenomenon absorbs instant glue into structures.

Wait a moment and repeat for the other side.

Instructions in video format

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