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Sky Dream Hobby year 2021

The year is changing and it's time to look back at everything that has happened. Still Covid-19 was messing up a bit with the plans for the events. Lets hope that in 2022 more public events can be held again.

A few highlights:

In January, we received the first delivery from JP Warbirds. Their range includes a lot of nice accessories for scale airplane builders.

In February, flight school was pretty active despite the chilly weather. Enthusiastic students practiced diligently.

In addition, there was also the first Kingtech turbine delivery to the customer.

In March, we received a large delivery of RBC-Kits airplane kits in stock.

The first new Spektrum NX8 transmitters were delivered to customers. It was nice to fly in the spring with the sun warming up.

In April, we got the first PowerBox CORE transmitter. It's a really great transmitter. The first plane I installed CORE on was the new RR Lentus from Multiplex. This combination became my favorite during the summer.

In May, we tried out the boats we took in our range. At the same time, winter fur was thrown on May Day... sometimes you have to swim after the boat ;o)

We also got new stickers on the car.

In June, we received new Futaba 16IZ transmitters in stock and deliveries to customers began. In addition, I built two planes for customers.

In July, we headed to Kuopio and this time for a competition for scale aircraft.

We also received the first orders from Italy.

24-day it was the turn of the Turku Paattinen scale airplane competitions. It was nice here too.

We also stocked the long-awaited Geronimo II gliders.

In August, my wife and I headed to Seinäjoki. In windy weather, the brave pilots got competition flights flown. The audience was nice and the atmosphere good.

We also stocked a large batch of AURI F3K DLGs.

On the last weekend of August we headed to Espoo. The summer heat was over and the weather was cloudy and cool. The atmosphere in the competitions was nice again and the audience was also comfortable.

In September, we received a large delivery of Fiala’s wooden propellers in stock. In addition, we got Multiplex’s new FunWing flying wings. We received more kits from RBC kits, e.g. new P-51D Mustang kits.

In October, we received a large delivery of balsa to the warehouse. According to the latest information, after January, intake of weight-rated balsa will begin to return to normal.

We also delivered the first airplane kits to Texas.

In November, we received the first 4-blade Fiala propellers in stock.

An aeronaut’s larger delivery of airplane and boat building kits arrived at the warehouse.

Sky Dream Hobby's Construction Service built two indoor planes for customers.

In December, just before Christmas, we received SIG's delivery. The FourStar20 planes were already sold out before we got them in stock. We expect the control-line kits to arrive at the warehouse during January.

In the spring, we will place the next big order for SIG.

What's coming in 2022?

Perhaps one of the most significant new products is the PowerBox ATOM transmitter, we have received confirmation that the first pieces will leave the factory on 28.02.2022 towards our warehouse: o)

This is a cheaper 18-channel version of the CORE transmitter.

During the spring, we will also have Royal-Models scale sailplanes in stock.

We welcome ideas and wishes for products.

Good Flights in 2022

Best Regard


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