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Crashing a new plane

A few years ago, I also built a fast plane called the Impressivo.

Unfortunately, this was by no means a long-lasting machine.

I had been looking at that airplane for a long time, the design and speed fascinated me.

The structure is CNC cut balsa, plywood and a few carbon fiber tube. The compatibility of the parts was excellent.

In a few evenings I got the machine "wood ready".

In my opinion, the coloring became successful. In the air, the top and bottom of the machine separated well, which is important when the speed was over 260km / h.

The black coating is Oracover carbon fiber and the yellow and orange Oracover fluorine coating.

The battery was a 4S-2600mAh and the engine was HET something.

When throwing, you had to remember to pull your hand down, otherwise the propeller would caress the skin ... The throwing was successful when the throttle was 3/4. The plane went on track and self-confidence grew.

Then came the moment when at a height of about 10m in full throttle I made a tight turn and Impressivo crashed at full speed vertically into the field.

The front part sank very tightly into the wet clay field, so I went to pick up a shovel from the airfield storage booth to dig the parts up.

It was fun, just annoying even more that I had to fool around too low.

Maybe someday I'll build a new Impressive?

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