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Learning to fly

Have you considered starting to fly rc-airplanes?

Would you like to try flying before you buy anything?

Sky Dream Hobby offers flying instruction, for teaching airplanes we use Multiplex FunnyStar, EasyStar 3 and FunCub NG airplanes. We use Multiplex M-Link transmitters with wireless Co-pilot system.

The student uses a Smart SX transmitter or the customers own M-Link compatible transmitter.

Where to start?

Flight learning begins with the FunnyStar / EasyStar3 aircraft.

The flight time of FunnyStar is about 8min, the flight time of EasyStar 3 aircraft is 30-40min.

With a wireless teacher-student system, learning to fly is safe and easily adaptable to the student’s skills.

FunnyStar and EasyStar 3 airplanes are well suited for basic flying training. EasyStar 3 is more powerful and survives windier weather.

Once the basic flying skills are learned, the airplane is changed to FunCub NG.

In the training, we can also use the customer's own aircraft (if the aircraft is suitable for the purpose).

What does education cost?

The price is 40 € / starting hour including VAT.

The price includes the rental of equipment used in training and insurance.

Are you interested?

Please contact 045-3212375 or email

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