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The first rc-airplane I built

I learned to fly rc-airplanes with my father's Graupner Cirrus plane.

The wingspan of the Cirrus was 3m and it was controlled by elevator and rudder.

On top of the wing was an Enya 09 engine that helped Cirrus to climb up to the clouds.

My dad bought me an Multiplex Jimmy kit. The wingspan was 1200mm and I remember the fuselage structure was a box frame (balsa sheets and slats in the corners) and a wing of foam and veneer sheeting.

Enya .09 was chosen as the engine. The plane was completed pretty quickly, I guess it would have been a couple of weeks.

Enya 09 was by no means overpowered, but the power were enough for a basic flying. This plane was really flown. From the edge of the field with a hand throw into the air, landing on the gras when the fuel runs out.

After many years, the planes flight carrier ended when the front section of the fuselage was really "well impregnated" with oil. I hadn't protected the balsa surface on the fuselage well enough.

Well, you always learn something from everything..

The next machine I built with my dad was the Multiplex LS3. Wingspan 3200mm, fiberglass fuselage and styrofoam abash veneer wings.

The LS3 was a big plane for a young pilot :o)

The pictures below are from the first flight of the LS3, oh that excited.

The take off was with rubber throw.

Should LS3 be taken back from the storage?

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